Protecting Sea Turtles in Mazatlan

Who are we?

Cerritos Sea Turtle Rescue is a Mazatlan-based not-for-profit organization, working to protect and conserve endangered sea turtles in the city of Mazatlan and surrounding beaches.

We primarily patrol Cerritos Beach, seeking out nesting females and ensuring they can safely lay their eggs.

We also work to educate bystanders on what to do if they encounter a nesting female.

What's the crisis?

Mazatlan is home to many beautiful beaches that are rich with widlife.

Unfortunately, this wildlife is in danger because of poachers, inadvertent nest destruction, and the impacts of pollution.

Sea Turtles are often at risk, along with whales, dolphins, and birds.

How can I help?

Your donation helps us continue our mission of protecting the wildlife and keeping the beach clean.

Get in Touch

If you would like to assist us with our efforts, get in touch at cerritosturtles@gmail.com